Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Falling in love is only the first stage of love. It's impossible to remain in that stage. A mature relationship will shift from dizzying infatuation to a deeper, richer, more secure kind of love." - Project Spirituality

When Allah knows you're ready for the responsibility of commitment, He will reveal the right person, under the right circumstances. Wait patiently. Don't waste your time searching and wishing. Grow and be ready, you will see, Allah will give you a love story far better than you could ever dream of... :)


Rtp Farra Arisha said...

hmm the points are totally true. although i know nothing about love, but i know how does it mean actually :'D

Eel said...

and right about now people are crazy to find their partner through random people at Facebook. -__- kinda reminds me of the song 'love facebook (direct translation)'~

IFA Athirah said...

just wait.nnti si ehem2 smpailah.hoho